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Tratak - Third Eye Gazing

Meditate at your convenience

Studies show that app-based meditation seems to have many of the same effects as in-person.
Third Eye Gazing offers a means for achieving Higher Consciousness through scientific methods.

Third Eye Gazing, also known as Tratak, is a form of Tantra meditation that helps to clear the mind. It is said to bring energy to the “third eye” and promote various psychic abilities. By fixing the gaze the restless mind comes to a halt. Tratak is said to enhance the ability to concentrate. It increases the power of memory and brings the mind to a state of awareness, attention and focus. Third Eye Gazing app helps you to meditate at your convenience.

The more we work on our spiritual well being, the more we will feel and experience the higher beings in our lives. Spiritual well being is about increasing awareness and understanding of self. It is about connecting to a higher consciousness and becoming a higher being.